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Cast of Characters

BaninjaA banana trained in trhe ninja arts. He and his comrades were trained in the arts of stealth and combat by the great Master Fuji, the very first yasai-shinobi (vegetable ninja). After years of living and training in the clan's secret hideout, the adventurous young banana decided to venture into the mysterious and deadly "outside world." This foray into the unknown would change his life forever; fortunately, his ninja skills will serve him well in the misadventures to come.

Practitioner of: Bananjutsu
Weapon of choice: A sword that is cleverly disguised as his stem
Voiced by: Umbrascitor

SeppukuBaninja's closest friend and fellow clan member. His honor is his life, and he is deeply loyal to his friends and clan. This sense of honor is his greatest strength, which compensates for his general clumsiness: when the going gets tough, Seppuku will be the first to be impaled by something. Because his body is concealed beneath a full suit of ninja gear, no one knows exactly what sort of vegetable he is -- or if he is even a vegetable at all....

Practitioner of: Unintentional Hara-Kiri
Weapon of choice: A sword which seemingly appears from nowhere
Voiced by: Umbrascitor

HaikuA watermelon who is also a sumo, a ninja, and a monk. He possesses a deep understanding of the world and the natural and mystical forces that govern it. As a meditative exercise, he only speaks in the structure of haiku poetry. Though he is more inclined toward philosophical and spiritual pursuits, his ability to squish, bowl over, and bash through things is a useful asset in battle.


Practitioner of: Some obscure school of thought that allows one to bend the laws of physics
Weapon of choice: His bulk -- though he can also spit seeds in a rapid-fire fashion
Voiced by: Joe Nemo

SudokuA tech-savvy tangerine. When he's not hacking computers, he's building improbable high-tech gadgets. Sudoku looks up to Seppuku like a big brother and mimics his style of dress, but the two are not actually related. He is a martial arts newbie currently under the tutelage of Master Fuji (although it is not uncommon for Fuji to get "schooled" by Sudoku during training).

Practitioner of: C++ and JavaScript
Weapon of choice: Any manner of impromptu gadget that he can whip up in a pinch
Voiced by: J.J.

Master Fuji
Master FujiAn apple, the first among all sentient vegetation to become skilled in the martial arts. Born with an innate knowledge of a variety of fighting technques, he has imparted his wisdom to other fruits and vegetables whom he has met on his travels. Thus was the warrior class of the yasai-shinobi formed, and today Fuji is the leader of a ninja clan consisting of his most gifted and loyal students.


Practitioner of: A wide variety of martial arts techniques
Weapon of choice: A pair of chopsticks
Voiced by: Vexx

Granny Smith
Granny SmithThe wife of Master Fuji, Granny Smith is one tough apple. Equipped with hair-like tendrils and a no-nonsense temperament, she commands respect and tolerates little. She never refrains from speaking her mind, nor from inflicting grave injuries upon those who rouse her anger -- and those whom she loves the most will not be spared her wrath.


Practitioner of: Her own sadistic brand of matronly dotage
Weapon of choice: Her prehensile "hair" can serve virtually any purpose, especially inflicting harm
Voiced by: (Not yet determined)

GrasshopperBaninja's faithful pet. Though most grasshoppers are voracious plant-eaters, this one is loyal to Baninja and the clan so long as his food bowl is full. When Baninja gets a quasi-heroic notion stuck in his head, Grasshopper looks after him with cold arthropod practicality.


Practitioner of: Finely honed catlike indifference
Weapon of choice: Mandibles are capable of cutting and crushing most brands of canned bug food
Voiced by: Umbrascitor

I. R. Kostlowski
I. R. KostlowskiFormerly the manager of a local PriceCo Supermart, Kostlowski was framed by Baninja for several murders, arson, and riding the bus without fare. He is now being held at Looney Ballooney's Discount Insane Asylum, where doctors seek to cure him of his thirst for vengeance against talking bananas.


Practitioner of: Incoherent babbling
Weapon of choice: No. 2 Pencil
Voiced by: Phillip D. Wangle