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OCT: Feast Master Vol. 2

This is a submission to the Feast Master tournament on deviantART. Tournament-related battles may be considered canon if you like, but these battles happen outside of the main storyline.

Feast Master Round 1
Secret Ingredient: Mudkips
Guest Judges: Likitung, Gargamel, Simon Cowell

Shomaru Domatsu and the Feast Master tournament are © Rusty-Knight-X
Dr. Myrad © Doctor-Jaevel

Character Cameos:
Clea Kainne (blond girl) © Kyle-DS
Jazz Spandex (the green-haired guy) © Cubed1
Mina (green-haired girl) © energy123049
Daniel Chroma (funky glasses guy) © SeveruSeprentine
Katters Jones (big ears person) © MadKatter
Crash (sitting kid) © crowl

Needless to say, the Pokemon characters are © of whomever the heck owns Pokemon and Gargamel belongs to whomever owns the Smurfs. But these are parodied characters who were selected as "guests" in this tournament round, so no harm done.