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OCT: Feast Master Vol. 3

This is a submission to the Feast Master tournament on deviantART. Tournament-related battles may be considered canon if you like, but these battles happen outside of the main storyline.

Feast Master Round 2
Secret Ingredient: Dinosaur Eggs
Guest Judges: Deadpool, Albert Wesker, Gordon Ramsay

Shomaru Domatsu and the Feast Master tournament are © Rusty-Knight-X
Katters Jones © MadKatter

Character Cameos:

Daniel Chroma © SeveruSeprentine
Dr. Myrad © Doctor-Jaevel
Crash © crowl
Mina © energy123049
Jazz Spandex © Cubed1
Saltman © Huoryu

Needless to say, Deadpool is © of Marvel Comics and Albert Wesker is © of... Capcom? But these are parodied characters who were selected as "guests" in this tournament round, so no harm done.